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Radio 35 Hip Hop is the first Internet Radio Station in Italy streaming independent HIP HOP, RAP & RNB Creative Commons & Copyleft.

Discover a lot of independent and unsigned artists with awesome underground Hip Hop, ranging from Old School to Gangsta and Hardcore Rap. Even when the vibe is cooling down, it’s always about the beat and the lyrical flow!


Radio 35: independent HIP HOP, RAP & RNB

Radio 35: independent HIP HOP, RAP & RNB


Welcome to Radio 35, my own NON-PROFIT Internet Radio Station that I opened in Milan (Italy) in 2009. When I started, I was playing Copyright music and paying licence fees to SIAE and SCF (those two performance rights organizations are the equivalent of ASCAP and Sound Exchange in the US or PPL and PRS for Music in the UK).

At that time, rates were quite affordable for a no-profit station like mine. Then, in 2010, those two organizations dubled their rates. Radio is a hobby for me and paying 1,000 Euros per year just to be able to stream and get heard from my friends was simply too much.

So, starting from 1st January 2011, I took the decision to play only Creative Commons and Copyleft music.

After a while, I realized that Creative Commons and Copyleft artists have nothing to envy to those played every day on big networks and FM radios, which have become all the same, playing the same songs at the same time.

What started as a way to avoid paying royalties, became the pleasure of discovering new music. This has been going on for more than 5 years now, and I have never regretted my decision.

Radio 35 is your ideal soundtrack, no matter what you do: working, studying, travelling, commuting, reading, chatting, cooking or simply relaxing on your sofa or in bed….. Make this journey into music with me and discover lots of unsigned artists and songs.

Radio 35 is the alternative which makes a difference!



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