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Slow connection? Low Data?

UPDATE 13 October 2017: I have deactivated the AAC+ stream, as nobody listened to it 🙂 Radio 35 is still available in MP3 128 Kbps at this link:

If your internet connection is slow or you have a plan with a low amount of data, you can listen to RADIO 35 HIP HOP in AAC+ 32 Kbps format, that uses a quarter of data when compared to our streaming in MP3 128 Kbps format, and offers a good audio quality.

The direct link to RADIO 35 HIP HOP streaming in AAC+ 32 Kbps format is:


Radio 35 HIP HOP

Radio 35 HIP HOP

Radio 35: independent HIP HOP, RAP and RNB

Starting from 1st August 2016, Radio 35 has become the first Italian internet radio streaming independent HIP HOP, RAP & RNB Creative Commons & Copyleft.

Independent POP, SOFT ROCK and DANCE are now on my new internet radio station Radio Roberto at, while CHILLOUT, LOUNGE and DOWNTEMPO are on my new internet radio station Milano Lounge at

All three stations play Creative Commons and Copyleft music only.


Radio 35: independent HIP HOP, RAP & RNB

Radio 35: independent HIP HOP, RAP & RNB

Radio 35 CC Avoids Performance Fees

With the beginning of 2011, Milan, Italy-based webcaster Radio 35 has adjusted its name to Radio 35 CC to reflect its new focus on music released under a Creative Commons copyright license.

“I have decided not to renew licenses with [Italian music performance-rights organizations] SIAE and SCF,” said Station Manager Roberto Bocchetti, “because they have become too expensive and they have added so many clauses to the contract, that I consider to be too limiting for Web radio stations such mine, which are non-commercial and no-profit.”

Instead, Bocchetti decided to offer only music released under Creative Commons and copyleft licenses.

Creative Commons licenses allow content creators to specify specific licensing conditions for use of their content. For example, they may require attribution and may specify that no derivative works may be created from the content, or they may require that it be used only in a non-commercial context. Copyleft is a similar, albeit less formally structured, alternative to traditional copyright licenses.

“It has been difficult for me to get used to the idea, but when I started looking for songs to be added to our playlists, I found so many independent artists with good songs, which are even better of those distributed by the record majors,” Bocchetti said.

Link to the original article, published by Radio World


Radio 35 is Creative Commons

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